Frequently Asked Questions

Asked Questions

We know that wellness isn’t just about physical activity. What else does it involve?

The three words that encapsulate holistic wellness for us at Flourish are: thrive, connect, grow.

Flourish at Texas A&M University is about shared experiences, rooted in helping our employees grow and thrive together. It’s more than a program name. Flourish is a call to action that is more important now than ever: to find our own balance by embracing work/life integration. To ignite inspiration. Embrace compassion. Flourish is supporting one another as a family, finding joy – or maybe even a new friend.

While fitness is an important vehicle for all of these things, it is not the only factor in what makes people and communities flourish.

Why do you hand out cookies – isn’t that the opposite of wellness?

Being able to fully enjoy a cookie once in a while is maybe the ultimate measure of being healthy, happy, and well. It’s an opportunity to practice making room for things that bring you joy, with no guilt, or apologizing, or feelings of failure. 

Plus, Flourish is in the business of creating community first and foremost.  When was the last time you were excited to go out of your way to connect with new people around a veggie tray? If we make a genuine connection with you over a cookie, the likelihood that you will join us for programming around healthy food, fitness, or just for fun is infinitely greater.

How is Flourish connected to Texas A&M? Under which department does Flourish operate?

Flourish reports to the Division of Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness. We are affiliated with Texas A&M University and partner with organizations all over the campus community. 

Is Flourish just for full-time university employees?

Flourish’s funding is based on full-time, benefits eligible headcount – which is why we tailor our programming and digital presence first and foremost to full-time, Texas A&M staff.  

We also know that being exclusive doesn’t support well-being for anyone. If you sit next to people in your office who are participating in Flourish events, we want you to come too. The Texas A&M community will be stronger for it.  

Regardless of your status, please do register for events. Our calendar and registration system help us track participation, and greater participation leads to more funding, which in turn allows more and more people access to Flourish. 

How is this program going to benefit me or my work life?

What you get out of Flourish is ultimately up to you. Like most things in life, you get out of it what you put into it. 

What are the top three wellness tips for someone just starting?

Start small and be consistent. Drinking enough water, moving your body for 20 minutes, taking five minutes for quiet time or self-care (whatever that means for you). Doing this every day has a much more significant impact than any big goal you tackle sporadically.

Do something that makes you feel good. There is a big difference between tackling hard things that bring you joy and punishing yourself and your body.

Find your tribe. Support on any journey is critical.

What can I do if classes don’t fit my schedule or my supervisor won’t sign off for me to attend?

We do our best to provide a wide array of offerings at various times, and at different locations all over campus. View our calendar here.

At the end of the day, our mission is to serve the largest number of staff and faculty possible. Class participation numbers are perhaps the number one consideration when we are weighing whether or not to continue offering certain classes. If you love a certain class, you can help to make sure it stays on the schedule by recruiting as many friends and colleagues as possible to attend with you.

We are happy to provide you with information on Wellness Release Time and tips for having conversations about wellness release time with your manager, but ultimately supervisors have the final say in when and how wellness release time is used. 

What are some tips for anyone who realized a long time ago that wellness equals balance?

Balance is a myth. The way we live and work needs to evolve. Across campus, we are departmentalized. At home, our life becomes compartmentalized. Even when we’re constantly connected by technology, we’re disconnected from each other.

Just thinking about trying to balance all of those disparate parts feels overwhelming. Most of us want to be more connected. To be recognized for who we are, not just what we do. And that is about integration, not balance.

Integration can feel messy, but Flourish is here to help.

How can I get more involved with Flourish? 

Flourish is a for us, by us model. Our programming is better when staff and faculty are involved in its inception and execution, and our community is stronger when more people have a seat at the table. Please email us at with your ideas for events, groups to help us get started, or information on people or resources we should know about on campus.    

Do I need the app to participate in classes and events? 

Registration for classes and events will only be available through our app either by phone or web interface which is super cool and easy to use. Find our app by searching “Flourish at Texas A&M” in Google Play or the App Store.