Meet the Team

the Team

Kourtney Bassett

Program Manager

As an aspiring watercolor artist, Kourtney draws inspiration from her hometown West Texas sunrises, with each colorful stroke leaving its mark.

She approaches her work in health and wellness with the same enthusiasm. As a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES®) and easily the most organized person on our team, Kourtney dedicates her professional time organizing a wide variety of health and wellness programming and encourages the Texas A&M community to find joy and health in movement. She loves to spend her evenings enjoying every West Texan’s favorite meal (tacos and tequila) while watching Grey’s Anatomy or listening to vinyl records with her husband.

Abbie Roy

Employee Wellness Coordinator

Did you know that part of the dream sequence in the Wizard of Oz was only foreshadowing the life of Abbie Roy’s journey and impact around the world?

Abbie’s path down the yellow brick road includes living in five different countries. Her travels helped her learn to love to connect with and learn from the locals everywhere she goes, which is apparent in the programming and special interest groups she facilitates. Abbie provides programming to help everyone feel accepted and strengthen belonging no matter where you work in the university. With three clicks of her ruby red slippers, Abbie always returns to where she most feels like home – wherever her husband and daughter are.

Sarah Boreen

Employee Wellness Coordinator

Sarah is not afraid of new opportunities or meeting new people. (She’s even moved to a foreign country without having been there before.)

Sarah’s great-grandfather was part of the Fightin’ Texas Aggie class of ’22, and that connection pulled her to Aggieland without knowing anyone. Her ability to develop meaningful relationships in new settings informs programming that fosters connection and community between friends – new and old. When asked how people usually describe Sarah, 10 out of 10 people will say, “she’s never met a stranger.” If you come to an event and you haven’t met her or her adorable dachshund Hercules, you’ll leave feeling like you’ve known her your whole life.

Cassidy Nelson

Communications Coordinator

As a landowner of 1 sq ft of land in Scotland, Lady Cassidy Nelson of Glencoe firmly believes the Loch Ness Monster is real and can shear your name or logo into a sheep’s wool in under 45 minutes.

Cassidy has learned to create content that shares a healthy dose of interesting stuff daily through our communication channels, utilizing her inclination toward conspiracy theory and unconventional expression of traditional art. She spends way more time talking to people online than she does with people in the office. The best way to manage a conversation with her is to ???? (If you figure it out, let us know.)